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Digs for Dogs Home from Home Dog Boarding Service is a growing business and we are looking to expand our family of home based dog carers. We are looking for reliable, honest, trustworthy dog lovers who are mostly at home during the day to join our growing family.

If you have experience of looking after dogs by providing a loving home for dogs whose owners are away then you will enjoy being a Digs for Dogs home boarder. You may be someone who already has a dog or maybe you have had dogs in the past but feel you do not want a full time responsibility of owning a dog at the moment.

After receiving your enquiry we will arrange to meet with you, to learn more about your experience with dogs and to assess what types of dogs you would be happy to board. We will only offer you dogs that suit your lifestyle and home and you can accept only those bookings that you wish to.

Being a Digs for Dogs home boarder means that you can have the benefit of having the company of a dog or dogs without the full time financial responsibility of owning them. You will be expected to feed, walk and care for the dog as indicated by the owner on the pet schedule.

We only undertake to board house-trained, non-aggressive, well behaved dogs. Dog food and all other essentials are provided by the owners.

Licensing and insurance is arranged by Digs for Dogs- Happy Holiday Homes for Dogs.

If you would like to join the Digs for Dogs family or want further information then we would love to hear from you;

Telephone- 01204 895355

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