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Debbie Pomfret first launched the business in Bury, Lancashire in April 2012 after many years working within Blue Chip companies in a career of sales and marketing. A dog lover all her life, Debbie totally understands how important it is to have reassurance and peace of mind that your four legged friend is being cared for if you’re not around.

Having worked in a job role, where I had to travel around the country and stay away from home on a regular basis, I was continually under pressure to have to ask my family and friends to look after my gorgeous chocolate Labrador Jaffa and mischievous Beagle Rigby. I felt so guilty leaving them and really missed them when I had to be away from home. Realising that there are a lot of dog owners in the same position, who can’t always rely on friends and family or want to use kennels when going away for a short break or a longer holiday, I decided to launch a business that combines my love of dogs with a professional service, giving dog owners reassurance that they no longer have to worry about being away from their pets.

Debbie Pomfret

Lisa Hulton joined the business soon after, by becoming a home boarding family in Debbie’s business. Lisa soon became really involved in the business and started to work on a flexible part-time basis alongside her “real” job as a customer services and financial advisor for clients of the Nationwide Building Society. After nearly twenty years of service with the Nationwide, Lisa decided to take a great leap of faith and invested in the business to join Debbie as a business partner.

Digs for Dogs was the perfect business opportunity. It combined my love of dogs and my experience in customer services whilst also giving me time to care and manage a busy family lifestyle with my three children, husband, two dogs, a cat and a horse!! To be honest, I’m not sure how I fit it all in to a day!! Debbie and I make a great team and we have built a great business together using our business skills of sales, marketing, customer services and financial management but most importantly of all we both just love dogs and are very proud of the professional services we deliver to all our four legged customers and their owners too!

Lisa Hulton

The Home Boarding and Dog Walking business in Bury proved to be a great success. Debbie and Lisa soon realised there was a big demand for the services they offered. They saw this as an opportunity to expand the business within their local area and sold their first Dog walking and Pet Services Franchise to Natalie Penny in January 2014. Since then, they have added another twelve Digs for Dogs mobiles to the road in the North West area. By investing time, developing ideas and continually promoting the business, they are now a successful Pet Services business and now in a position to offer these great services to dog owners across the country.

Digs for Dogs has given us the opportunity to fulfill a lifetime ambition of running our own business that involves working with dogs and working alongside other like-minded people. Everyone is always happy, dog owners, home dog boarding families and, of course, our four legged customers.
Debbie & Lisa